Aberdeen research suggests that automating procurement offers the greatest opportunity to improve processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs across the supply chain. Purchased products and services are the single largest expense at most organizations, accounting for $.50 to $.55 0f every dollar earned revenue.”

“Office supplies and MRO provisions can account for 30% to 60% of a company's total expenditures, yet they remain poorly controlled and costly to process at most organizations.”
Aberdeen Group

“For an organization to effectively manage spending, it must know what it's internal and external demand-side requirements are for general administrative expenses, direct materials, and MRO, and it must effectively

  Staffing Services


We provide human capital in the areas of :

  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Enginnering Professionals
  • Medical Staff - Nurses
  • Administrative and Clerical Staff


We will not waste your time and money by sourcing the near-qualified people.
We source consultants with varied skills to furnish your IT needs and we have Tech. Savvy Recruiters to identify the best fit.

If none of our own consultants is a good match for your requirements, then we use multiple sources including job boards to get you the best candidate.
We are flexible and we will work with you to meet your budget requirements
We continually monitor our consultant’s work with you and we ensure excellence of service throughout the contract period

Our Recruiting Process and Key Differentiating Factors

Recruiting Cycle

Analyze  Job

  • “Half the Solution Lies in Understanding the Problem”.  Our Account Managers and Recruiters are well qualified and Tech. Savvy to understand job requirements so that the best matching candidates are sourced.
  • Our Technical Recruiters are hired not only based on their recruiting experience but also in their specialty areas. For instance one of our recruiters is specialized in ERP recruiting has knowledge on technology, modules, implementation, and production support of PeopleSoft, SAP, and Oracle applications. This knowledge helps them to understand the job requirement so that the matching candidate can be found.
  • Our Tech. Recruiters are constantly updated with technology changes in their specialty areas via external training or self study.

Source Candidates

  • Our consultants are one of the best sources of finding other consultant in the field
  • Our company partners themselves are senior consultants and they constantly look out for and maintain network of consultants they work with for sourcing purposes
  • Out recruiters are specially trained
  • We maintain  our company database of candidates
  • We use Search/Mining tools that can search multiple job boards thus achieving process efficiency and time saving our

 Screen & Select

  • Our recruiters and account managers are constantly in touch with our existing consultants to make sure they are up to client managers’ expectations. This knowledge of client managers’ expectations and requirements is used to assess candidates for any new positions
  •  Pre-Screening: Since our recruiters are tech. savvy and understand IT process in general they are well equipped and qualified to pre-screen the candidates. This is first-level screening that will be followed by second-Level screening
  • We use product specific questionnaire developed by our own senior consultants in each of their respective fields
  • Screening: As a second-level screening our Sr. consultants in their respective fields interview the candidates and provide their assessment to the recruiters and account managers
  • As each resume sourced is reviewed and the candidates interviewed each skill is assessed and recorded in our “Skills Match Grid” template
  • As each candidate is pre-screened and screened, any additional skills related information obtained that’s not provided in resumes is also recorded in “Skills Match Grid” and the candidates are advised to update the resumes accordingly.

 Response Management

  • Our Account managers who maintain client relationship are  experienced recruiters and some are  consultants so they make sure end client managers are provided with best matching candidates
  • Each candidate’s resume sent to you is associated with a “Summary Skills Sheet” that will give you highlights of each candidates skills and experience
  • When we are sending multiple resumes for a position the summary sheet will also provide you with our assessment of comparative skills of each candidate

 Hire &  Support

  • When a consultant is selected and hired we ensure quality services are provided on an on-going basis by way of  performance reviews
  • If a consultant is not able to provide expected service, we will immediately replace with another qualified consultant.
  • Once placed a consultant is provided with the support by other consultants in the domain expertise to do his/her job well.
  • Our staff policies are strong enough to keep the consultant throughout the client project.


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